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I’m too lazy to download new handwriting fonts to my laptop so all my last few graphics feature my godawful handwriting. Cheers. 

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that’s it. that’s the movie.


one of the most vindicating moments of my existence was watching Garak’s first episode with my (non-shipping and non-trekkie) boyfriend (who had seen the first couple episodes prior to this). his INSTANTANEOUS reaction was “holy shit I thought you were exaggerating”

when Julian was being weird about Garak potentially being after state secrets, he yelled “your DICK is NOT A STATE SECRET” at the screen

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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vulcan in the streets, vulcan in the sheets. i am also a vulcan on the bridge and in my cabin and on away missions. i am a vulcan, jim.

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star trek ds9 + text posts

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Star Trek Gag Reel



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Do what feels right.

"I am the Ferengi in the picture with Chris Pine. I have a huge love for all things Star Trek, but obviously the Ferengi and their costumes are my passion." (x)