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Do what feels right.

"I am the Ferengi in the picture with Chris Pine. I have a huge love for all things Star Trek, but obviously the Ferengi and their costumes are my passion." (x)

I still get the looks in the corridors sometimes. I can tell much of the crew is wondering why someone so young isn’t back at the Academy, earning his stripes. I still hear mention of ‘the kid’ and I know who they are talking about. All I can do is what I have done my whole life: prove them wrong. The captain’s faith in me gives me hope. I will continue to do everything I can to continue to earn his trust.

— Chekov’s Audio Log #2, Star Trek (the game) (xx)

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as untouchable as the stars that fly past our ship.

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and in that moment,

I swear we were doctors

not goddamn astronauts

i think its time 4 a little fanfic

during a particularly grueling alpha shift Jim notices something strange on the viewscreen; he turns quickly to spock, ‘some kind of anomaly Mr Spock?’ ‘no captain…it appears to be a bowl of breakfast food known as Reese’s.’ ‘WHAT? CANDY FOR BREAKFAST?’ Spock spins around and says, ‘NOT CANDY, REESE’S PUFFS CEREAL’ so he sliiiides Jim a bowl. He crunches into it and WHAM! his mouth goes CRAZY! that smooth combo of peanut butter and chocolatey taste attacking his tastebuds! ‘AND ITS PART OF THIS COMPLETE BREAKFAST!’

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Why didn’t Leonard ever laugh this much in costume? 

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When asked why he has such a strong interest in learning everything there is to know about the technical abilities of a Starship, Kirk said he was facing one of his own fears. As a ship captain, he realizes he is not just responsible for an incredibly complex machine, but also a crew. In space, getting something just a little bit wrong is not an option. Believing that his high confidence in himself, and his crew, is his greatest tool in completing any mission, Kirk always wants to be sure that he never puts himself, or his crew, in a situation where his lack of technical knowledge increases the jeopardy of the situation. [x]