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Rick Owens Lilies S/S 2012 | Photographer: Rick Owens
Model: Grace Bol

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    I can feel your skin even miles away, a tactile memory real as salt, as soap, as ashes.
© Joanne Merriam, from ‘Mirror Points’ as published in Strange Horizons. (via indigenousdialogues)
I tell him I do. He looks at me with tired eyes and a tired smile. "I miss Brooklyn. When I found myself in this city, I forgot to bring many things." "Any friends?" I asked. He almost looks even more tired. "Lost him."
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vulcan in the streets, vulcan in the sheets. i am also a vulcan on the bridge and in my cabin and on away missions. i am a vulcan, jim.

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star trek ds9 + text posts


On the road to the Milky Way - Flinders Ranges National Park, South Australia [1920x1272] [OC]

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Sean Mundy | Sigil, 2014

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look kids a brand new gender


gendercool: when you’re not a boy or a girl and you’re not entirely sure what your gender is but man you are cool

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Herta Müller, The Hunger Angel

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Star Trek Gag Reel



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that person you just called a nerd? they are a giant nerd. you made a good call on that one

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    The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.
— A Farewell to Arms | Ernest Hemmingway