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anyone concerning themselves with trying to prove that michael brown shoplifted from a convenience store believes that black people should be executed extrajudicially for petty theft

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I’m too lazy to download new handwriting fonts to my laptop so all my last few graphics feature my godawful handwriting. Cheers. 

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia by night

"When the night comes, the starry sky reflects on its surface like in a mirror, and you have the feeling of being in space."

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that’s it. that’s the movie.


one of the most vindicating moments of my existence was watching Garak’s first episode with my (non-shipping and non-trekkie) boyfriend (who had seen the first couple episodes prior to this). his INSTANTANEOUS reaction was “holy shit I thought you were exaggerating”

when Julian was being weird about Garak potentially being after state secrets, he yelled “your DICK is NOT A STATE SECRET” at the screen

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Vincent van Gogh - Daubigny’s Garden (detail).

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(by Zanthia)

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Natasha walking through the Avengers tower with her angry face on and Clint thrown over her shoulder fireman style she just storms past everyone and no one speaks Clint just hangs there and sadly waves to everyone as they pass

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Killing must feel good to God too; he does it all the time.